What is Monopoly Ottawa?
Monopoly Ottawa will be the city’s first official (manufactured
by Hasbro) limited edition Monopoly boardgame.

What are the spaces going to be?
That’s up to the Ottawa business community! We will be selling all of the spots on the board, as well as the currency, tokens, and community chest and chance cards. We're currently about 70% sold out and you can check our social feeds (links at bottom) for up to date sponsor information. 

Why should I pre-purchase?
The production of this game is a limited run with only about 5000 units being made. Pre-purchases help us gauge potential sales and avoid costly un-sold inventory all of which help in making a much bigger donation to our charities. 

Will it be available in stores?
At this time, the game will not be available through retail stores. The game will only be available for purchase online.

Where does all the money go?
100% of all profits will be split evenly between 3 children‘s
charities in the Ottawa area. See charities section.

How much is a space?
Just like real Monopoly, the properties have different values. For more information on sponsorship opportunities please email info@monopolyottawa.com

When will the game be made?
The game will begin production at the end of March 2019 and be delivered in early November 2019. Hint: This will make an excellent holiday gift for next year!