What is Monopoly Ottawa?
Monopoly Ottawa is the city’s first official (manufactured by Hasbro) limited edition Monopoly boardgame and as far as we can tell, the first city in Canada to have it's own official Monopoly game.

Where can I get it?
You can order online and pickup at a number of locations across the city. You can also buy in person at Escape Manor, Tag Along Toys and saturdays (starting Nov 16) at the St. Laurent Centre. Full details can be found on here:

I can't get to the pickup locations during those hours, what can I do?
You can also pickup your game at Tag Along Toys and during the St. Laurent Centre sales days.

What do I need to be able to pickup my order number?
You just need your email order confirmation which has your order number and quantity purchased. Provide that to the pickup location and they'll give you your order.

How long after I order, can I pick up my game?
Immediately! Subject to the hours of operation of your desired pickup location.  

Where does all the money go?
100% of all profits will be split between children‘s
charities in the Ottawa area. See charities section..

I don't live in Ottawa, can you ship the game?
We don't offer any shipping options on our site, however if you send us a pre-paid shipping label, we'll gladly pack and send your game.